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My girlfriend in the School of Architecture forgot how to develop film, it looked like basic chemistry to me, so I processed the film. I discovered there is more to it than basic chemistry. I was intrigued and continued on my own eventually doing landscape details with a large format camera with 5x7 inch film. After University I personally I continued with my 5x7 contact prints culminating in an Ontario Arts Council supported show.

Professionally I worked for an industrial film company shooting stills, recording sound and eventually shooting a low speed 16mm movie film. We worked in factories, forests, mines, paper mills and office situations across Canada. We used a lot of lights. We travelled with more than 8000 watts of tungsten light. It was a great way to learn how to light almost everything. It was fairly regular for everyone to be laid off from the film company. I became a self- employed advertising, commercial and architectural photographer, which I continue to do to this day. Our informal motto was … No weddings … No babies … No Puppies … although we've done all three.

I had a 2300 sq.ft. studio in the market, and then a 3300 sq.ft. at the City Centre. Today I keep a small studio in Old Ottawa South. More often the 'studio' travels to client boardrooms or rental spaces.

With the video capable 35mm cameras I now supply 'B'roll or 'second unit' video of events while I do stills. With LED lightning and green screen we supply pricinpal video photography for a variety of clients.

A variety of client needs results in a variety of tailored solutions.

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