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As a commercial photographer most of my professional life has been dedicated to communicating a concept, an idea, and oft times to sell a product or service. Most often my professional photography exists with copy and graphic design on paper, and now on the web. I have a craft used in the service of commerce, applied art.

As an artist I am a print maker. I make pictures and take pictures, sometimes they are born of laughter, sometimes by pain; by study, or happenstance. A mélange of different styles and processes from the ‘street’ to ‘still life’. I’m interested in process and pattern rather than in an exaggerated thought process projected on to the work ... To hint at, rather than demand.

Over the course of the thirty years my art works have been expressed with a variety of materials and techniques. At times a later day ‘f64’ member with my large format contact prints, sometimes I’m a later day pictorialist. A fan of both Edward Weston; and Edward Steichen’s camera work who did both the pictorial and the highly detailed. Sometimes I enjoy the graphic and sometimes they are just whimsical parodies. I’ve used a variety of processes to take things apart and leave just a moment or a shape. They are sometimes of dance and sometimes equivalent to ‘dance’, representational but abstract. And sometimes just silly.

I will integrate additional art works to this site as time permits.


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